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    Welcome to First Alert Weather Tracker

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    Welcome to the First Alert Hurricane Tracker

    First Alert Hurricane Tracker provides Weather Forecasts, Updates, and Alerts for the United States including Severe Weather, Winter Weather, and our specialty, Tropical Weather. We run our site on Professionalism and Dedication and are well known for our custom weather graphics and descriptive up-to-the-minute forecasts. Providing accurate, no hype weather information to the public as per of being an Ambassador to the National Weather Service’s Weather-Ready Nation.

    Mission: During dangerous weather conditions, not all have access to a TV. With our Facebook awareness posts and dedicated team, we provide a word of the oncoming event with multiple awareness forecasts yet educate them in the process. Our number one goal is to aware with accuracy. What We Do: From forecasts to alerts to free giveaways, First Alert Hurricane is your #1 site on Facebook and Twitter to get your weather information. We have proven ourselves in the weather field by the magnitude of fans who follow us including the millions who reached out to us during Hurricanes for the latest forecasts and information.

    We specialize in Tropical Weather and live by one sang over “Accuracy over First” -meaning we believe it is important to be accurate on the forecast rather than “first” to predict its track [whether it is right or not]. Here at First Alert Hurricane Tracker, you will see the latest Severe Weather Forecasts, Model Predictions, Long Range Forecasts, National Forecasts, Tropical Weather Forecasts, Free Giveaways, Contests, Educational Posts, and More Weather Fun!

    First Alert Hurricane Center is the first and only partnered website along the Gulf Coast to feature both an online weather community, along with a team of Advanced Trained Storm Spotters and Professional Meteorologists such as Jason Scott are all on board for one purpose….to keep you safe and informed, while at the same time inviting you for your opinions and welcoming discussions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


    Central Gulf Coast Radar

    Categorical Outlook Mississippi Day 1:

    Categorical Outlook Mississippi Day 2:

    Categorical Outlook Mississippi Day 3:


    3 Day Loop 3 Day Weather Forecast Loop

    United States Weather Page

    Check below for a wealth of information about US Weather including surface weather maps, satellite images, radar images, forecasts, predictions, and more! All images, forecasts, and documents are courtesy of their respective publishers.

    Current US Surface Weather Map

    US Weather Advisories

    US Mesoscale Analysis

    Current Infrared Satellite Images

    Current Visible Satellite Images

    Current Water Vapor Satellite Images

    Current National US Radar Composite


    Today’s Severe Weather Outlook:

    Categorical Outlook:

    Tornado Probability Outlook:

    Severe Wind Probability Outlook:

    Large Hail Probability Outlook:

    Tomorrow’s Severe Weather Outlook:

    Categorical Outlook:

    Probabilistic Outlook:

    Day Three’s Severe Weather Outlook:

    Categorical Outlook:

    Probabilistic Outlook:

    Day Four To Eight Severe Weather Outlook:

    Other Severe Weather Products:

    Current Severe Thunderstorm/Tornado Watches:

    Valid watches graphic

    Current Mesoscale Discussions:

    Storm Reports:

    Today’s Storm Reports:

    Map of today's severe weather reports

    Yesterday’s Storm Reports:

    Map of yesterday's severe weather reports

    Latest Quantitative Precipitation Forecast:

    Day 1 Precipitation Forecast:

    Day 2 Precipitation Forecast:

    Day 3 Precipitation Forecast:

    3 Day Precipitation Totals:

    Days 4 and 5 Precipitation Forecast:

    5 Day Precipitation Totals:

    Days 6 and 7 Precipitation Forecast:

    7 Day Precipitation Totals:

    Heavy Snowfall Discussion:

    Day 1 Winter Weather Composite Forecast:

    Day 2 Winter Weather Composite Forecast:

    Day 3 Winter Weather Composite Forecast:

    Computer Model Forecast Of Storm Tracks:

    Short Range Forecast Discussion:

    6 Hour Forecasted Surface Weather Map:

    12 Hour Forecasted Surface Weather Map:

    18 Hour Forecasted Surface Weather Map:

    24 Hour Forecasted Surface Weather Map:

    30 Hour Forecasted Surface Weather Map:

    36 Hour Forecasted Surface Weather Map:

    48 Hour Forecasted Surface Weather Map:

    60 Hour Forecasted Surface Weather Map:

    Extended Forecast Discussion:

    Day 3 to Day 7 Forecast Surface Weather Map:

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