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Tracking the Tropics

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2 Day Tropical Weather OutlookAtlantic 2 Day GTWO graphic 5 Day Tropical Weather OutlookAtlantic 5 Day GTWO graphic
International Meteorology Database
Global Tropics Outlook Global Tropics Outlook NOAA 0-24 hour TC Formation Probability Tropical Cyclone Formation Chances Within 24 Hours NOAA 0-48 hour TC Formation Probability Tropical Cyclone Formation Chances Within 48 HoursCurrent Tropical Atlantic Analysisrents Live Ocean Currents Current Tropical Surface Analysis Maps
Tropical Atlantic  Southwest Atlantic Current Southwest Atlantic Analysis Gulf of Mexico Current Gulf of Mexico AnalysisCurrent Southeast US Coast Analysis Caribbean Current Caribbean Analysis
Current Sea Surface Temperatures
Sea Surface Temps
Sea Surface Temperature Analomy
Sea Surface Temps Anomaly
Current Wind Shear
Wind Shear
Wind Shear
Shear Tendency Past 24 Hours
Wind Shear


Number of Storms per 100 Years
Atlantic Basin Storm Count Since 1850

Lookup Historic Hurricane Tracks
Hurricane Katrina Track 2005
Typical Tropical Cyclone Origins and Tracks by Month
June Hurricane Climatology July
July Hurricane Climatology August
August Hurricane Climatology September
September Hurricane Climatology October
October Hurricane Climatology November
November Hurricane Climatology
Hurricane Strike Percentages
[Map of return period in years for hurricanes passing within 50 nautical miles]
Estimated return period in years for hurricanes passing within 50 nautical miles of various locations on the U.S. Coast
[Map of return period in years for major hurricanes passing within 50 nautical miles]
Western Gulf Coast Radar Central Gulf Coast Radar LoopCentral Gulf Coast Radar Eastern Gulf Coast RadarEastern Gulf Coast Radar East Coast RadarEast Coast Radar Northeast Coast RadarNortheast Coast Radar

Current Vorticity
Current Vorticity
Current Vorticity
Saharan Air Layer (Dry Air)
Saharan Air Layer (SAL)
Saharan Air Layer (SAL)
Current Wind / Wave Analysis
Saharan Air Layer (SAL)

Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential

Wind Shear
Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential

Vertical Wind Shear
Vertical Wind Shear
Vertical Wind Shear
Current Wind Direction
Lower Level Winds
Lower Level WindsUpper Level Winds
Upper Level Winds

Current Wind Steering
200-700mb Wind Steering700-850mb
700-850mb Wind Steering


ASCAT Data (Ascending/Descending)
Ascending ASCATDescending ASCAT

Atlantic Sea Height / Waves
Atlantic Sea Height / Waves Atlantic Sea Height / Waves Global Wave Heights Atlantic Sea Height / Waves
Global / Atlantic Wave Heights
Atlantic Wave Heights Atlantic Wave Heights Atlantic Wave Heights
2021 Hurricane Season Tracks2021 Hurricane Season Tracks
Atlantic Tropical Cyclone ActivityAtlantic Cyclone Activity
Quick Glance At The TropicsQuick Glance At The Tropics
Surface Analysis Maps “The Big Picture”
Current Tropical Atlantic Analysis
Current Tropical Atlantic Analysis Current Southwest Atlantic Analysis Other Analysis Graphics
Tropical Surface Analysis - The Big Picture
Weather Forecasts
3 Day Loop 3 Day Weather Forecast Loop Current Day 1 (Today) Today's Weather Forecast Current Day 2 (Tomorrow) Tomorrow's Weather Forecast Current Day 3 Day 3 Weather Forecast Days 3 thru 7 Day 3 Weather Forecast
Future Surface Analysis Forecasts
24 Hour NHC Forecast 24 Hour NHC Surface Analysis Forecast48 Hour NHC Forecast 48 Hour NHC Surface Analysis Forecast

72 Hour NHC Forecast 72 Hour NHC Surface Analysis Forecast

Global Tropics Outlook
Global Tropics Outlook

El Niño/La Niña Oct 2020 Status (ENSO)

MJO Model Forecasts
40 Day Forecast
MJO Model Forecasts
MJO Model ForecastsGEOColor IR
Enhanced Infared Loop

WV Loop
Sat Loop

Total Precipitable Water
Total Precipitable Water Loop

Caribbean Satellite Loops

Sat Loop
Caribbean Sat Loop

Gulf of Mexico Satellite Loops

Sat Loop

Shortwave IR
Sat Loop

Sat Loop

Water Vapor
Sat Loop

East Coast/ West Atlantic Satellite Loops
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