A very slow-moving cold front is currently along the Miss River this morning and continues moving southwest. North of this boundary, around 80-degree dew pts are being replaced with lower 70 dew pts. South of this boundary, locations continue to be in the muggy around 80 dew pts.

The boundary will stall somewhere in the vicinity of the coast while dry air should remain over the entire area through at least Friday. A weak broad sfc low will move toward south FL today and then westward into the central gulf through the end of the week.

This feature is what helps bring the deep moisture back. Saturday looks like a transition day as moisture begins to move back into the area. It will take quite a bit to force the dry air back toward the west so that it can take its place. Sunday, the moisture should be in place over the area so afternoon Thunderstorms are back in the forecast.

#Dorian continues to move along the forecast track provided by the Hurricane Center. The end of the forecast track has it over central FL by 8pm Mon. The end of this forecast is subject to change with time. But what is noticed is a trend for all models to slow the system quite a bit as it approaches the SE US.

This usually means one of two things. Either the hurricane is beginning its turn or all steering currents have weakened and the system gets blocked. And either of these is not good for the SE states.

We will continue to watch trends and observe exactly what Dorian wants to do as it approaches the SE. It is simply too early to tell whether our area will receive impacts from this system.

But before we all go into this holiday weekend, it would be a good idea to keep up with the latest on what is happening with Dorian.

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New Model coming out!!! Yes, it looks like the Hurricane Track would take it into the Gulf but Hang on!!! We have a trough that will pick up the Hurricane and bring it up the east Atlantic Coast and Northeast out to sea. I give this about 80 percent and the Gulf about 20 percent. Please Note: A Strong or Major Hurricane tends to move more North and a weaker Hurricane tends to move more west. With that being said I feel this will be a Cat 3 or even 4 Hurricane. Please keep up to date with the latest by going to

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Good morning Friends it’s going to be a good day. Pray for our friends in Florida Please!!!