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First Alert Hurricane Tracker

Gulf Coast #1 Hurricane Source

When you or a loved one are potentially in the path of a hurricane, having a hurricane tracker handy to keep on top of the storm’s location and strength as it approaches is critical.

Here are some of the best hurricane tracker apps for your smartphone to keep you informed at all times.

Hurricane by American Red Cross

This award-winning, free iOS and Android app not only tracks and forecasts the hurricanes, it also explains how to make and execute an emergency plan and how to use social media, text, or email to tell others you’re safe during and after a storm.

The Weather Channel

Many people with smartphones have this free app already to check their weather on a daily basis, so using it to track hurricanes will be easy and not require any new downloads.

Detailed radar maps, forecasting, and severe weather alerts are combined with video reports on specific storms including hurricanes for comprehensive coverage.

3. Storm by Weather Underground

However, if you want to a deeper dive into current hurricane conditions, The Weather Channel’s partner claims its app’s “hyperlocal” forecasts use the “most advanced severe weather algorithms to provide a detailed analysis of an impending storm,” making it potentially one of the most accurate hurricane trackers at your fingertips.

4. Hurricane HD by Kitty Code

This iOS-only, award-winning app is especially good for iPad users due to its level of detail and comprehensive features.

A free version contains ads, while the standard version costs $3.99.

The app offers detailed storm tracking and forecasting, satellite and radio imaging and maps, text bulletins, global models, and news feeds.

5. Hurricane Hound by STKI Concepts

This Android app uses Google Maps to track and forecast hurricanes and tropical storms originating in both the Atlantic and East Pacific oceans, including areas the National Weather Service is watching for potential storm activity.

Hurricane Tracker by EZ Apps

Using four simple categories at launch, this iOS app lets you see detailed threat level and radar maps, National Hurricane Center updates, video forecast updates, and real-time alerts for hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions, and invests.

There are free and paid (ad-free) versions of this app, which has more than 65 maps including animated maps and images.

7. NOAA SuperRes Radar US by Shuksan Software

This iOS app is aimed at weather enthusiasts and boasts high resolution graphics four times more detailed than other apps as well as full text warnings from the National Weather Service.

Multiple map styles and different view options make this app a good one for serious trackers.

This third-party app is not an official platform of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or the National Weather Service.

As with any app that relies on mapping software, these hurricane trackers should be used sparingly as maps can drain battery power quickly, which could be catastrophic in an emergency situation. Turn off when not in use.

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