• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

    The astronomical winter ended a bit above normal thanks to two extra weeks of warmth in February in the southeast.

    The last 30 days were colder east.

    The 90 days were drier in the far southeast, especially Florida.

    The EC op run has a slow-moving storm that threatens the first major severe weather outbreak of the season. This is the time of year in the region for tornadoes.

    So far tornado reports are limited this year.

    Last year though it ended near normal started early.

    We are running near the bottom of recent years.

    That storm would bring heavy precipitation eventually reaching the far southeast.

    The greatest anomalies continue to focus the next 15 days in the western Gulf and Tennessee Valley, classic La Nina.

    It will continue cool ahead of any warm sector.

    North Carolina gets one last punch from winter snow.

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