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Month: July 2017

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  • A Disturbance in the Atlantic and 2 Typhoons in the Pacific to Watch

A Disturbance in the Atlantic and 2 Typhoons in the Pacific to Watch

A tropical wave located at 11 am EDT Wednesday near 11°N, 25°W, about 200 miles south of the Cabo Verde Islands, was headed west at 10 – 15 mph, and…

Quiet in the Atlantic; Active in the East Pacific

It’s looking more and more likely that July 2017 will wrap up with no additional named storms in Atlantic Basin. Only one named storm formed this month, Don. It was…

Tornado in Maryland

Tornado in Maryland GOES-16 Infrared Window (10.3 µm) images, with surface station identifiers, plotted in yellow * GOES-16 data posted on this page are preliminary, non-operational and are undergoing testing…

No firm travel plans for the solar eclipse? Here’s what to expect if you wing it.

Have you tried to book a room for the solar eclipse, only to find that reservations are running $600 per night? Maybe all of the hotels in the city are…

Paper on how vertical wind shear impacts surface winds in hurricanes released online in Monthly Weather Review

Summary: Scatterometers are instruments on aircraft or satellites that are used to measure wind speed and direction at the ocean surface. In this follow-up to a 2016 study, the surface…

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